AsiaXpress İstanbul Turkiye Telefon : 0212-541 52 00-4442398

With strong domestic network and solid international connectivity to more than 220 countries worldwide, AsiaXpress is placed in an advantageous position to deliver the best courier services both locally and internationally.

Our distinctive position allows us to exercise our vast variety of resources to mix and match our range of services to meet the requirements of our customers, making AsiaXpress a versatile service provider.

Realising our core competencies, AsiaXpress has emerged with a niche service genre. Our services will tackle all corporate document issues by providing our corporate clients with total solution package, customized and designed to meet their unique requirements.

Above and beyond, AsiaXpress’ scope of services encompasses a fast and reliable movement of time-sensitive documents and parcels. We also take pride in delivering value to our customers by providing efficient and sophisticated solution-based services.

AsiaXpress offers the following services:
International Express
Domestic Express
System Automation
Special Handling Solution
Document Solution
Logistic Solution

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