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Viapost covers all supply-chain needs through three main specialisations: logistics, transport and consulting-engineering.
To provide a global and efficient solution, Viapost is organised into three business units: Viapost Connected Logistics, Viapost Transport Management and Viapost Industries.

Viapost: Company specialised in logistics and transport
As an integrator of multi-channel solutions providing supply chain services, Viapost supports companies in their development in France and Europe.

Solutions for e-commerce and retail logistics
Boost the efficiency of your business thanks to expertly managed and versatile multi-channel logistics.

Our teams manage all stages of your e-commerce logistics, from the preparation of the order to delivery to your customers.

Reception of goods: reception of supplier deliveries, checking, labelling, referencing
Secure storage: products registered in the IT system and storage in a secure zone
Preparation of customised orders: logos, made-to-measure packing, gift wrapping, parcel inserts, etc.
Delivery: labeling, sorting by destination /carrier, shipment to end client
Managing returns