USPS İstanbul

USPS İstanbul

Global Express Guaranteed

1–3 Business Days1                                  

Global Express Guaranteed® (GXG®) service is the fastest USPS® international shipping option:

  • Date-certain delivery with a money-back guarantee2.
  • International transportation and delivery is provided by FedEx Express.
  • Prices start at $67.80.

Ship NowGlobal Express Guaranteed Global Express Guaranteed Prices

ALERT: USPS is temporarily suspending acceptance of Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) mail for certain international destinations due to service impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Packages already in transit may take longer than usual to arrive or may prove undeliverable. Read More

Features & Pricing

  • Fast international service with delivery in 1–3 business days1
  • Date-certain delivery with a money-back guarantee2
  • May qualify for free Package Pickup3
  • Ships to about 180 countries
  • Tracking to all destinations
  • Includes up to $100 insurance4
  • Free GXG Shipping Kit with GXG envelopes, labels, and stickers available
  • Price depends on size, shape, weight, and distance to destination country

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Weight, Size, & Shape Requirements

  • Some countries have lower weight and size restrictions.

Country Price Groups & Weight LimitsHow to Prepare International Shipments

Customs Forms

If you pay for and print your international postage online with Click-N-Ship® service, our tool creates the customs form for you.

Print a Label & Customs Form

An envelope or package must be large enough to completely contain the GXG® Air Waybill (shipping label), postage, customs form, and any applicable markings.

Order GXG Kit (with Customs Form)

Additional Information

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Mailing Restrictions & Prohibitions

There are specific regulations and standards for mailing restricted, prohibited, and hazardous materials. For example, you can’ t mail cigarettes (including roll-your-own tobacco) and smokeless tobacco. In addition, you can’t use GXG to ship anything requiring filing Electronic Export Information (EEI). Learn more about other GXG-specific prohibited and restricted items, additional items you can’t mail outside the U.S., and individual country regulations.Show MoreMailing Restrictions & Prohibitions

Requesting a Refund

Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) service comes with a money-back guarantee.2 Requests for refunds must be initiated within 30 days of the mailing date.Show MoreRequesting a Refund

For Businesses

When shipping GXG, a Commercial Invoice PS – Form 6182 is required for business customers along with a customs form and a GXG® Air Waybill (shipping label).Show MoreFor Businesses

1.For many major markets. Actual number of days may vary. See Publication 141. Back ^to legal disclaimer 1
2.Exceptions apply. See Publication 141 for more information. Back ^to legal disclaimer 2
3.For details on free Package Pickup, go to Schedule a Pickup. Some restrictions may apply. See Publication 141 for more information. Back ^to legal disclaimer 3
4.See Publication 141 for availability and limitations on coverage Back ^to legal disclaimer 4

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Priority Mail Express International

3–5 Business Days1 & Flat Rate Pricing2

Priority Mail Express International® service is fast, reliable, and affordable. Ship to about 180 countries, including Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

  • Options: Ship using free Flat Rate Envelopes up to 4 lbs, or ship by weight for packages up to 70 lbs.
  • Prices vary by destination country price group and start at $47.95.

International Services

Secure, Affordable Global Shipping

USPS® international mail services go to more than 180 countries, including Great Britain, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and Australia. Global Express Guaranteed®, Priority Mail Express International®, and Priority Mail International® services include international tracking and some insurance.

  • Choose a service based on delivery speed or price.

Priority Mail International

6–10 Business Days1 & Flat Rate Pricing2

Priority Mail International® service is a reliable and economical way to ship to more than 180 countries, including Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

  • Flat Rate option: Ship using free Flat Rate Boxes and Envelopes (envelopes and small boxes up to 4 lbs, medium and large boxes up to 20 lbs), starting at $29.60.

First-Class Package International Service

Affordable Shipping for Packages Under 4 lbs

First-Class Package International Service® (FCPIS®) is a popular way to:

  • Send packages up to 4 lbs (64 oz), valued at up to $400, worldwide. (Destination countries may have other restrictions.)
  • Get delivery confirmation to select countries.
  • Retail prices start at $14.85.

To send large envelopes under 15.994 oz, letters up to 3.5 oz, and postcards: See First-Class Mail International®.

Ship Now

First-Class Mail International

Affordable International Mailing

First-Class Mail International® (FCMI) service is the most affordable way to send letters and large envelopes to more than 180 countries, including Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.

  • Send 1 oz letters or postcards around the world with one Global Forever® stamp, which currently costs $1.30 and never expires, even if the postage price goes up.