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Stand delivery helps you reach households with an advertising ban and complement unaddressed delivery. It is suitable for, for instance, city, municipality, parish and event journals. Our service includes putting the publications in the stand, switching the issue and recycling old journals.


Your publication will appear in the stands as agreed and with the agreed schedule.
You can reach your target group in an affordable way.
You can complement other delivery and find new customers.
Product information

Destination Countries
Domestic (excluding Åland Islands).
Delivery Time
Overnight delivery. The service level is agreed upon in national service for the areas where overnight delivery is not possible.
Maximum Weight
10 kg
Indications and Codes
The printed bundle label is attached to the top of the bundle in printing. The address information of the pickup point (=the stand) and the work instructions for the deliverer are marked in it.
The publications are bundled stand by stand into standard bundles of 50 or 100 pieces.
The service requires a separate agreement. Bundle deliveries are left bundled in an agreed posting place every weekday by 5 p.m.
Further information on unitizing
The price of the service is determined on the basis of the price list. The price is based on, for instance, the location of the stands (regional or national), the number, the volume and frequency of delivered publications.
The price includes opening the bundle, putting the journals in the stand, switching the issue delivered in the bundle in the stand, and picking up the old items for recycling in accordance with Posti’s paper collection process.
Payment Methods
Information on the mailing batch is provided on an electronic or paper (subject to a charge) mailing list.
Delivery Terms
Posti is only responsible for delivering bundled items with accurate and complete addresses in accordance with the terms of delivery. Responsibility, liability for damages and limitations to liability for damages concerning transported bundle deliveries are defined in Posti’s general terms of delivery and the related product terms.
Other Specifications
Consumption reporting as a paid additional service.