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The objects keeping various objects permitted to use the postal services are named parcels. They are accepted at our counters as well as for the international addressed parcel that enters from the other cities till to 20 kg.
The dimensions of the packages should not exceed 1.8 m each at the general sum of the length, wide and thickness on condition that no dimensions exceed 1.1m. Bulky parcels are also accepted, which dimensions should not exceed 2.25 m at the general sum of the length, wideness and thickness, on condition that none of the dimensions exceeds 1.5m.
Parcel should be packaged in compliance with their weight and content, in order to be safe during the transport and elaboration. Their packing should be suited to the material of the object to be delivered by mail. One side of the package should be flat to make the notes of the service as well as to sign the receiver’s and sender’s address. The arrival of a package is announced to the receiver by an announcement.
The receiver is obliged to draw the object within 5 days after the announcement date. For each day of after the 5-th day, the client pays for the storage.
The parcels’ fees within the country look at connection 1/5 as well as for the parcels out of the country aerial connection 1/5 and for the packages outside the country aerial connection 2/19, earthly connection 1/6
The following objects are forbidden to be inserted within the package:
The staff that might be risky for the employer, or which composition can destroy the other packages.
Narcotic or psychotropic substances
Living animals, exploding or burning materials, or other harmful substances.
Pornographic materials or radioactive substances.
Prohibited objects to be imported and to circulate at the destination.