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Η 1η Online Πλατφόρμα ΔΩΡΕΑΝ Προβολής & Συνδυασμένης Μεταφοράς Προϊόντων


Geniki Taxydromiki, with a high sense of responsibility towards its customers, is taking every step to continue this quality of service, while at the same time applying every measure proposed by the competent authorities to safeguard public and employee health.

Especially package distribution workers make every effort to deliver all shipments promptly and securely to the recipient’s door, while having clear instructions on how to observe safety distances, as appropriate, on the use of precautions and on a case-by-case basis. facilitating the delivery of packages even without the recipient’s signature assuming personal responsibility for certifying the delivery. This provision – directive has already been notified to the supervisory authority [EETT].

Customers who do not have an online store can contact the local Geniki Taxydromiki shop, to handle orders received from their customer list by telephone or otherwise. They can also utilize, at no cost, Geniki Taxydromiki (eshop) by posting their full description products – online to make online sales