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International Express Courier is at the heart of what we have done since 1987. The business is privately owned and operated and has grown steadily as it has organically built and retained a stable customer base that chooses to partner with Crossflight. Over the years we have developed considerable capabilities in mailing and logistics.

As a result of our close proximity to London Heathrow, Crossflight is able to provide exceptional responsiveness to requirements for international courier services to customers in London and beyond the M25 into the Home Counties. Our Birmingham warehousing facility is an ideally located geographic hub for our UK-wide logistics and fulfilment services.

Crossflight serves a clear market. This is identified as businesses for which other carriers, smaller and larger than Crossflight, have proved to be unsatisfactory providers of carrier services. Crossflight overcomes the chief source of this dissatisfaction by providing a full range of scalable capability wrapped with high levels of personal service.

Our ability to leverage technology also sets us apart from other mid-market carriers. This is not just to benefit our business – we use it to help our customers become more efficient. Our in-house technology team are experts at integrating customer systems with ours, including ERP and e-commerce websites.