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High standards of quality and an effective policy on Social Responsibility.

CourierIT’s success is based on its ability to identify and understand client needs, fulfil and maintain service levels and continuously adapt and develop systems to fulfil all requirements. To do this as well as we do, we only select the very best staff and partners – our selection is based on their dedication, professionalism and expertise.

Our staff underst and our business very well but we actively try to understand our client’s business as well, to provide the best service and price solution for all our customers. We employ staff who genuinely care about the customer and who will build on our solid reputation for service. We are open and honest with our customers and approach everything we do with integrity to save you time, money and aggravation. To develop our staff, we spend 1% of our annual budget on training – and it is the customer receives the full benefit of this.

Our partners are selected for their core strengths, whether it be their geographical footprint or their transit times and reliability. Through our group purchasing power, CourierIT can offer cost effective prices for the various service options available through our world-class carriers – imports, exports, express and non-express services are provided each day to a wide cross section of the UK business community from hi-tech to publishing and high fashion to telecommunications.

All our offices are managed according to set standards and procedures and are equipped with the latest technology – this allows us to run an efficient operation and enables us to liaise with our customers using modern methods. Our systems are tailor made and offer flexibility within a robust framework – this ensures that we can adapt to customer requirements whilst maintaining high standards of quality.

As well as providing an effective and reliable solution for our customers, we are also focussed on making a difference in South Africa and Africa as a whole, by optimising people effectiveness and ensuring behavioural competence. Our policy is to enrich society by assisting previously disadvantaged groups and disabled individuals through collaborative support and development programmes. We actively pursue these policies by empowering and encouraging disadvantaged groups to develop small businesses in either an owner driver or sub-contractor format. We are very proud of our achievements in this and will continue to strive for the betterment of these groups.