Welcome to COPE Sensitive Freight, Australia’s largest independent specialist “Sensitive Freight carrier”. With depots in all capital cities and major centres including Canberra, Launceston, Port Macquarie, Cairns, Townsville, Albury and Newcastle, we offer fast, reliable service.

Our business is built around our customers’ needs, with the adaptability to respond to a special range of services. We have fully trained, professional staff, taking care of your requirements from start to finish, and ensuring sensitive consignments travel with compatible freight.

We pride ourselves in our “be fussy” attitude, and as you’ll see from their testimonials, our customers appreciate it too.

Our Specialised “boutique” approach ensures value for money and customer satisfaction. Browse our site and see for yourself why COPE Sensitive Freight is a valued partner, rather than just another freight company.

About COPE – A Brief History
COPE Sensitive Freight was founded in April 1989 with the sole purpose of providing a much needed specialised service to a select client, needing expert and professional handling of their sensitive equipment.

It all started from the homes of our managers. They contacted the people who had the need for such a service and asked them what they wanted from a sensitive freight carrier.

Armed with this information we went about purchasing purpose-built vehicles as well as specific handling equipment. At this time we also recruited operational personnel who had been involved in the handling of sensitive freight for a number of years. Most importantly these people were very experienced with what the customer needed and were very mindful of this in the handling of fragile and sensitive equipment.

Since then we have established COPE depots in all the capital cities around Australia, along with depots in Launceston, Port Macquarie, Cairns, Townsville, Albury and Newcastle. In conjunction with this we also established regular national linehaul links through the use of our own linehaul fleet. This meant that all our freight travelled with similar sensitive consignments and not with incompatible freight, which would invariably make sensitive equipment prone to damage.

Now we are Australia’s largest independent specialist sensitive freight carrier, and would like to outline our services to you so we can be of assistance in the handling and distribution of your sensitive equipment.

Freight Services
This premium service is designed to make use of vehicles with hydraulic tailgates and/or a crew of two or more people and/or freight requiring packing and/or unpacking and/or positioning on-site.

The products are packed and/or unpacked as the situation may require and positioned as instructed. Waste cardboard and soft packaging is removed and the goods left in a clean state.

COPE can arrange extra manpower and equipment such as cranes and forklifts on-site.

This service is designed for sensitive goods 30 kilograms or greater per item, such as pallets, skids or larger items that can be handled by one person with the assistance of a tailgate or other lifting equipment, with no requirement for the COPE driver to become involved with the packaging/unpacking or positioning of the goods.

Goods will be delivered to a specific ground floor location such as a warehouse or stores area.

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