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A constantly expanding Company

Ciblex is active in France and the Benelux and operate in Europe and worldwide through a network of partners.
Ciblex has a turnover of 162 million euros (June 2012), employs 760 people and distributes 150,000 parcels from 0 to 30kg every day.

Express parcels delivery first thing in the morning anywhere in France: Ciblex core business

Deliveries of express parcels from 0 to 30kg, the next-day in night, before 8 am, before 9 am, before 10 am and before 12 pm are the Ciblex core business since over 30 years.
Ciblex also offers an array of solutions, such as reverse logistics and express swaps. Ciblex has also a network of 3,100 PUDO’s (pick up and drop off points) in France that make it possible to provide parcels the next morning to individuals and field agents.

A unique market and end customers expertise

For 35 years through a very close partnership with its clients and their end customers, Ciblex has acquired expertise in sectors such as Health, Optical, High Tech, Automotive, Industrial Spare Parts and the Communication industry.

A service strategy based on acute performance management

Express distribution for goods are vital to a company’s success and a competitive edge that customers monitor constantly. That is why Ciblex does much more than transporting parcels. Ciblex expertise combines, upstream, the understanding of the demands and contraints of our customers’ business and downstream, every means of information needed to control the flows of shipments and their accurate delivery. Therefore, quality and performance management are crucial. All of Ciblex employees and partners are committed to these values. Ciblex has ISO 9001 V2008 and Certipharm certifications.

A responsible strategy

Recognizing the importance of current and future issues in terms of sustainable development, Ciblex, its employees and partners are engaged in a process called DECLIC. This is part of everyday activity as in the long-term strategy.

Employees united by the motto: “We are all Vendors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs”

Ciblex, it is the men and women who create the company’s value and the value we deliver to the clients. Training and skills management are the foundations of our management with the aim to give every one of them a chance to become an expert in their job as well as anticipate changes in our industry and adapt to our clients’ needs.


1977: Colirail founded, specialist in delivering before 9 am.
1983: France Partner founded, specialist in Medical and Optical express deliveries.
1999: Colirail and France Partner, the two French companies leaders in their industry and are bought and merged by the British group Hays plc, specialized in corporate services. This merger gave birth to Hays DX, an expert in express distribution.
March 2003: HAYS plc decides to focus its business on Human Resources and other activities in Europe are sold.
March 2004: in line with its history and strategy as specialist, the company is bought out by the Board of Directors with the help of an investment company.
July 2004: Hays DX becomes CIBLEX, leading independent player in France and the fourth largest express operator.
September 2004: The Ciblex Group creates a subsidiary in the Netherlands: Ciblex Netherlands
September 2005: The Ciblex Group begins providing a unique service that makes small parcels available first thing in the morning at 3,100 tobacco shops in partnership with the A 2PAS network.
June 2006: Ciblex France equips its vehicles with a GPS system to improve security for its people and the merchandise it transports.
January 2007: Ciblex France obtains Certipharm Certification, issued by AFAQ, thereby confirming its expertise in express distribution for the Health sector.
June 2007: Ciblex France doubles its capacity in eastern France by opening a new branch in Illkirch Graffenstaden, near Strasbourg.
September 2007: The Ciblex Group and Emball’iso create the first logistics expertise centre based on the specific shipping demands of “cold chain” clinical trials.
July 2008: Ciblex Fance creates an in-house sells school named “Isis”.
October 2008: Ciblex Fance continues its expansion in eastern France by opening a new branch in the town of Norroy le Veneur, next to Metz.
November 2009: Ciblex supports the Global Compact ; a voluntary initiative to reinforce the civic image of its company and to promote sustainable development.
January 2010: Ciblex France creates a new Hub South of Paris in Chilly-Mazarin, Essonne department (91).
February 2010: Ciblex creates a new Hub in Zaventem, Belgium.
April 2010: Ciblex is bought by the Geodis group “Global logistic provider” and becomes Geodis Ciblex. The Geodis CIBLEX range of services broadens the Group and its Groupage and express Division Geodis Calberson, an added value range.
August 2010 : Geodis Ciblex creates a new hub in Toulouse, South of France, Haute-Garonne department (31).
August 2010 : Geodis Ciblex creates a new hub in Roissy, North of Paris Nord, Val d’Oise department (95).
Septembre 2011 : GLS sells “InNight” overnight delivery service for the optics and spare parts sector to Geodis Ciblex.
2 September 2014 : EHDH-EUROTRANSPHARMA group buys up the Ciblex Belgium and Ciblex Netherlans Networks from Geodis