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Express Mail Service (EMS) is a mail service which lets to deliver mailings in as short a time as possible. Such a service is rendered both in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and in the territories of more than 200 countries world-wide. Express mails are divided into local and international one. Republican Unitary Enterprise “Belpochta” provides express mail service in the territory of Belarus.

Thanks to a unique network (all post offices realize the acceptance of the EMS items), settled infrastructure, effective system of transportations, and also cooperation with EMS Cooperative, we can offer a safe express delivery based on the principle “from door to door” to all residential areas of Belarus and worldwide.

The belonging of the mail to the express one can be identified by the presence of the logo

and ID number initial letters “PE” — for local express items and “EA…-…EW” for international items atop the items’ cover and in the accompanying documents.

EMS service is provided to the legal persons as well as private ones.

EMS items are divided into the mails contain documents (letters, invoices, certificates and etc.) and merchandise (personal goods, souvenirs, cultural and social and commercial goods and etc.).