• Expedite Shipping: A Reliable Solution for Mission-Critical Freight

Shipment delays. Pressing delivery deadlines. Last-minute orders. Freight needed yesterday. No matter your urgent shipping needs, expedite transportation is an ideal solution.

  • ArcBest Ground Expedite Solutions

ArcBest® provides best-in-class ground expedite service for your time-sensitive freight. Through our Panther Premium Logistics® fleet and a large network of capacity providers, we offer fast, efficient transportation across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Your expedite freight travels on an exclusive-use vehicle, without co-mingling, and arrives without interruption.

The proof is in the numbers:

  • 24/7/365 support
  • 99% on-time success rate (measured within 15 minutes of the promised pick-up and delivery time)
  • 5-minute average capacity commitment time

And because we’re ISO certified and have TSA certified drivers available, you can trust that we’ll handle even your most valuable shipments with care.


The Panther Fleet

Our private fleet is made up of 53-foot semi-trucks, straight trucks, cargo vans and sprinter vans, so we’re prepared to ship freight of all sizes. With security measures in place like satellite tracking, in-cab panic alarms and door sensors, ArcBest is the best solution for your sensitive and urgent shipments.

Common Questions about Expediting Freight

How Fast is Expedite Shipping?

By definition, expedite means making a process happen faster than normal. But what does “faster than normal” mean in transportation?

Is it Just for Moving Freight Quickly?

Despite the name, expedite isn’t just about speed. It’s also about precision and visibility.

What If I Need Special Handling?

We offer multiple premium logistics solutions to ensure your freight is delivered exactly as planned.

Have an Expedite Shipment? Call ArcBest

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