Albanian Post, starting from the year 1990, among the physical postal offices offers the EMS (Express Mail Service). Today EMS is a safe solution of sending the postal objects: documents and merchandise till 20 kg.

EMS dedicates its position in the market exactly to the service it offers, which is a distinctive service obviously prior towards other services and offers safety, quickness, reliability and information. Being loyal to these parameters, with EMS we send in 2-5 days at around 200 destinations all around the world, facing with dignity the competition in the market in direct proportion with consumers.
This service is supported by a perfect organization and logistic at postal network distributed at 553 postal offices throughout the country. Those who profit from this service network are the actors of Albanian society, belonging to every level, starting with the individuals to the businesses, organizations, institutions etc

EMS service performs the collection, transport, and delivering of correspondence, documentation, and merchandises at the destination at very rapid deadlines. Since the year 2000 Albanian Post is a full rights member of EMS Cooperative, already adhered by 140 postal administrations.
Being a member of this group of UPU-se, Albanian Post needs an engagement that requires the fulfillment of all the standards of European and worldly countries, meaning to deliver in time the EMS objects, tracing, and correct answer toward the customers. To be informed on the destination of the delivered object through EMS service, the Albanian Post by using electronic service TRACK AND TRACE, provides clients with tracing of the EMS object at any time.

Albanian Post for the purpose of acceleration of delivering the EMS objects right at the customer, has the attribute of the Custom Agent as well, by making the un custom procedures through her employers, and thus abbreviating the time of elaboration of the entering objects, serving to the individuals and the companies that expect to put these objects in function of their business or for personal use.

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