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Albanian Post is public service company client oriented, with its wide network spread out the whole territory up to the further rural areas, offers a wide range of postal and financial services having quality and competitive prices for the individuals, institutions, businesses, even for those who have no access to banking.
The entire postal services activity is forecasted by legislation in force for posts throughout the Albanian Territory. The activity of financial and banking services is in compliance to the banking legislation and the license issued by the Bank of Albania.The society offers postal and financial services all over the Republic of Albania territory.
Postal services include: Correspondence, letters, typography, small packages, parcels, tele-fax, telegrams sms.
Postal activity involves the following: The production, issuing, putting to circulation and withdrawing from circulation of the postal stamps and objects related to them, acceptance, elaboration, activating and distribution of postal objects.
The activity of financial services includes: The financial and banking services, security activities, transport services, intermediate services connected to the money circulation, the bank transactions on the account of the third parties, money transfers, treasury bills, and other services. The society within the forecasted limits by the current legislation, will perform every commercial and financial service directly or indirectly connected to its object. This also includes the opening of the activities and the performance of the other societies as well as the participating in the equity of the other societies in and out the country.

The objectives
Consolidation of the position in the market of services in order to guarantee the financial stability by achieving new standards of the same service offered in the whole infrastructure of the company.
The incessant increase of quality and standards of the services to fulfill the requests of the European Union on Quality and Standards, the enhancement of the information system, as a real alternative to face the competition in the market of services, the transformation of Albanian Post into a supermarket and a leader of services, by being present at every Albanian family.
The continuous collaboration with international organizations to get involved in regional and global projects of the services development based on the modern technology. Albanian Post accounting on her own economic and human potential, is convinced in fulfilling very soon the European standards, being constantly supported by Albanian government and her strategic partners in and out the country.