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Logistics Services
At AIT, building, implementing and managing logistics solutions is our business, our specialty. Our world-class team of experts can evaluate, design and improve your supply chain, providing a more integrated and streamlined strategy. Our expertise spans these key disciplines:

•Carrier Management and Development
•Shipment Routing Optimization
•Improvement of Cost Operations Ratio
•Centralized Call Centers
•Weekend Consolidation Program
•Inventory Control and Receiving
•Transportation Management
•Storage and Warehousing
Supply Chain Management

Warehouse planning and management are critical success factors today, driving peak performance, job efficiencies and bottom-line growth. Our proprietary technology helps automate warehouse operations and inventory management processes. AIT can optimize organizational efficiencies, improve access to accurate and up-to-date information and provide a clear view of inventory levels. When you outsource to AIT you are entrusting a team of experts backed by global reach and leading-edge logistics technologies to maximize sales, productivity and your customer’s satisfaction.

Moreover, AIT offers a comprehensive suite of supply chain management services drawing upon our worldwide reach and local insights. From consultancy and design, to warehousing and delivery, we provide flexible solutions across all industry sectors. Our expertise encompasses each of the key supply chain disciplines.