Welcome to Afghan Post

Afghan Post (AP) provides universal postal services with over one century history throughout the country. AP is a member of Universal Postal Union and EMS cooperative as well. It provides postal collection and delivery services both domestic and international via 463 post offices safe, secure & expedite.

We keep your trust as continuous with best quality of services and affordable prices. We always think about our customers’ satisfaction as well as their needs & demands with parallel to new global technological developments.

For your assurance, all the projects for establishing of modern services and expansion of the traditional postal services are quickly progressing and Afghan Post will play the role of the best service provider within national Postal market with diversity of services soon.

Afghan Post Network:

Kabul is headquartering the whole postal services with one Central Post office and 25 city post offices as listed here.

1 Central Post office in center of each province,

Working hours:

Kabul : Saturday through Wednesday 08:00 to 16:00


EMS the Guaranteed worldwide conveyance service, and international expedited shipping option offered by Afghan Post Administration and about 200 other postal administrations worldwide. Every country has introduced their EMS service by different names, which are matched with quality and safety of the service. Accordingly, we nominated our EMS service by name of ( Afghan Shaheen Post) it means safe, speedy, and secure. It was officially launched on 1th January 2008 in Afghanistan.

EMS guarantees delivery times of within 2 or 3 business days to final destinations worldwide with internet tracking. The service is suitable for documents and merchandise. EMS service is one of the selected postal service throughout the world to send and receive postal items safely and fastly.

We respect and give a great importance to our customers. Therefore, our service quality and charges has been suite to your requirements as mach as possible rehabilitee is reflected from our daily performance; it means the reliability gained by Afghan post is measured with thousands of registered, ordinary and express parcels and letter those satisfied our customers.

Having established the process of item delivery in inbound service operations according to international EMS norms, the items incoming to Afghanistan from overseas are delivered to addresses throughout the country within 0-5 working days. Afghan post tries to provide further facilities and improved quality services for its Customers.

Afghan Shaheen Post makes two attempts for delivery of each item within two days the second attempt is made next day. When these tow attempts are unsuccessful then a written notice is left at the recipient’s address. Due to absence (non-location) of the addressee, an undeliverable item is kept at the Afghan Shaheen Post custody for 15 days. When the item is handed over to the addressee his/her identification card Number and signature are taken.

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