ACS Courier Istanbul Turkiye

Advanced Business Post (ABP)

(Simple mail service for group shipments of personalised and non-personalised contents)

Additional Postal Services (provided upon agreement)

Shipment Collection Services
Address Validation Services
Data Entry Services (for specific shipments)
Signature receipt on delivery


International Transportation Services

In this section you will find all the information about ACS International Transportation and Courier Services.

Basic International Courier Services
Choose ACS for all your international shipments and gain speed, safety and significant discounts!

Additional International Services
Guaranteed Delivery, Morning Delivery and Return of Signature / Protocol, upon agreement with the International Department.

Customs Paperwork & Useful Forms
See the accompanying documents for non-commercial shipments outside the European Union and how to complete them.

Unacceptable Items

Insurance for International Shipments

International Pricelists
Find out all ACS International Services Pricelists.

Clarifications for International Courier Services