Albanian Delivery Express

ADEx – Courier & Logistics, a postal services company with Albanian capital, was founded in September 2014 under AKEP license (Postal and Electronic Communications Authority) The creation of the company came after a detailed and professional study of the market of postal services and postal services in general. Intellectual and professional capacity of ADEx, fully meets the needs of current market consumers with quality services with high standards of developed countries. Experienced staff in the field of new services, trained couriers and directed by the founder and leader of the first courier company in Albania. ADEx enters the market with the ambition to win the absolute trust of customers by providing complete solutions for sending and receiving papers , documents, invitations, invoices, packages and everything else related to the needs for rapid transport within cities, between cities and international services. ADEX brings for the first time in the market of postal services in Albania, service packs through which seeks to increase the number of users approaching those services, and does not only guarantee quality and speed, but facilities in meeting their needs on a way ever offered so far in this market. Also, ADEX, enters the market of express postal services to give its contribution to the further expansion of this market, with more quality, with maximum service culture, with maximum commitment in meeting the needs for rapid transport of Business , Institutions, Banks, citizens, students.ADEX Albania Courier Logistics